Asp net detailsview itemupdating e newvalues

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Details View Update Event Args) Handles Details View1. Find Control("txt Password"), Text Box) Struct_Student.password = txt Password.

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When the update button is pressed it takes to Grid View_Item Updating event as shown below code.

That caused the item to be removed from the Item Updating event.

Update Contact(b) End Sub select l.loannumber, l.businesschannel, l.loantype, l.purpose, l.salesprice, b.firstname, b.lastname,, b.address,, b.state,, as phone1, as phone2, dbo.formataddressweb(b.address, '',, b.state, as mailingaddress from loans l join orders o on [email protected] join contacts b on l.borrowercontactid=b.contactid where l.loanid=(select loanid from orders where [email protected]) I'd made the table row run server-side so that I could conditionally hide it.

I have a formview with several data items that works perfectly except for a single parameter that will not update with the rest of them.

The formview's datasource updateparameter is set to do nothing so that I can handle the update in codebehind.

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