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_______________________ Arlington, Va.: I guess the problem I have with all this is that it seems to communicate the message that it is not normal to want to wait to have sex.

For teens who do choose not to have sex, whether out of fear of pregnancy or religious upbringing, are they getting a message that they are abnormal and out of the mainstream? Blum: The fact that there is no data to support abstinence programs in no way is meant to suggest that delaying sex is abnormal. For me the best abstinence program is to give kids a meaningful future. Kids who have an adult in their lives who is "crazy about them" delay first sex. Blum: Pregnancy rates in ALL of Europe is much lower than in the United States.

She claims that she had not had sex yet but finds both boys and girls attractive. Is this normal or is this is just her way of rebelling? What is critical is that your daughter feel comfortable with both attractions.

Having an attraction does not mean that you have to act on it; you have to learn to live with it. Blum, After reading the articles, I find that in the American society, almost all the parents and teaching institutions give a double message towards young people at the same time, just as some experts like Michaud mentioned---On one hand, parents and teachers teach the adolescents to be abstinent until marriage.

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_______________________ Fort Washington, Md.: Now that the prom weekends are among us, what are the statistics that many of the young adolescent females loose their virginity during this time of their lives? Are there any studies that evaluate the effectiveness of sex education from each source? We do know quite a bit about what works (why we don't use it is a different story).

we are our kids sex educator when we turn off the TV and avoid discussing some sexual message that we and they saw and pretend that we didn't see it.

We are our kids sex educators in everything that we do even if we never discuss sex with them directly. The indirect sex education that our kids get from birth by watching their parents.

Their parents _______________________ Arlington, Va.: I don't understand how parents can be so outraged by the current perceived lack of morals of today's teens when they themselves want to push the responsibility of sex education to the school system. Blum: We have looked at 43 religions and see no difference as to age of first sex.

Do you really want to trust something as sensitive as your child's sexuality to a one size fits all agenda created by the schools? _______________________ Tampa, Fla.: Are there key differences in adolescent sexuality between young men and women. Blum: There are vast gender differences from the age of puberty to hormonal influences to socialization... _______________________ Fairfax, Va.: In regards to the religious aspect, is the data broken down in that regard? Regarding chastity vows, there is a cohort effect short term (see, for example the work of Peter Bearman) but the evidence that is emerging is that it does not have long term staying power.

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