Chihuahua dating service

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Achieve this by applying anti-flea products and by bathing your dog and going through their fur with a fine comb.

Applying oil as recommended above can also kill off fleas by smothering their supply of oxygen and by making it difficult for them to hook on to the skin.

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Look for Ticks If your dog is continually itching one part of their body then they might have a tick.

Solve this problem by making sure that your dog has all his essential vitamins and minerals and by making sure that he is getting essential oils (look on the back of your dog food and ask your vet if you're uncertain).

You can also supplement your dog's diet with these things and a particularly good thing to add to a dog's diet is cod liver oil.

However unfortunately itching is very common in dogs and there are a range of different things that might be causing it from heat, to dry skin, to fleas or ticks.

Here we will look at some of the ways you can address your pup's irritation with easy home remedies.

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