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Kayte Lawton, IPPR Senior Research Fellow, said: “New parents need time away from work to care for their young children, and to strengthen their relationship with each other at what can be a hugely enjoyable but also very stressful time.

However, this is often difficult for fathers because they have limited entitlements to paid leave, and so they often assume the role of breadwinner while their partner is on maternity leave.

She warned that parents need to be proactive in regulating the amount of time children spend online over the summer holidays.

“It’s something that every parent will talk about especially during school holidays – that children are in danger of seeing social media like sweeties, and their online time like junk food,” Ms Longfield said.

They claim that more than 400,000 working dads a year would benefit.“You find children saying to parents that they have 30 people that they have to do every day and if they don’t, they drop the streak, and everyone will see,” she said.“And then – does that mean they don’t like me anymore? There are children who say they can’t not be online and I think that’s really worrying.” She called on social media giants to take greater steps to ensure their sites provide a “safe place for kids to be”.Last year, the internet overtook television as the top media pastime, according to industry watchdog Ofcom.Research firm Childwise found that children aged five to 15 are spending an average of 15 hours a week on the web.

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