Dating advice biz

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You’ll see the importance of starting young, while time is on your side.

Meet three Girl Scouts who sold soap to reach their financial goals, and Biz Kid who made clients out of furry friends. Protect the money you already have by putting it in a safe place. You’ll discover ways to avoid the growing problem of identity theft.

Learn about an ambitious teen who opened a candy store at age 15 and, in the process revived an ailing business district in her small town.

When money moves between individuals or groups it is called a transaction.

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Join us and you’ll learn how to track your expenses, get control of your spending, and invest what’s left over to reach your financial goals.

You’ll learn that anybody can be a Biz Kid with effort and the right attitude.

Biz Kids identify a need, make a plan, and take action. ‖ Join us and you’ll take a grand tour through the history of money from the days of bartering, through the first coins and currency, all the way to the electronic transfers of today.

Join the Biz Kids and you’ll follow a single dollar bill as it moves from a depositor’s hand across the counter, down to the vault, over to the Federal Reserve, and finally out to a project the bank is financing.

Visit the branch of a real credit union inside a high school where the students are the tellers.

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