Enneagram dating

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It is also suitable for any serious student of the Enneagram who is interested in deepening their self-understanding and those with whom they are in relationship.

And if that isn't enough, you can learn at your own pace according to your own schedule.

The first modern use of the Enneagram is attributed to Oscar Ichazo in the 1960s.

Ichazo distinguishes between the unblemished ‘essence’ of a person and that person’s personality or ego.

But by having this map in front of us, we can start to see into the unconscious operations of our minds, and how unconscious forces work to serve us but also work to keep us stuck in vicious cycles.

We could almost say that this map is a new, breakthrough technology that we didn’t have before – that enables us to be more effective in our lives.

As we have explained earlier, none of these are absolutes – they are indicators.

Adapted to the language that we use, this essence represents a perfect balance of the head, heart and gut centres – the ability to draw on each of these at any time. Our personality, by contrast, is our tendency to behave according to our Enneagram type, which includes a tendency towards one of the three centres.

"The immediate goal is to recognize the inner patterns that drive your outer behavior.

These patterns vary according to the type of person you are, and can be internally witnessed by a faculty of spiritual awareness commonly called the Inner Observer".

This free audio download is quick, persuasive, and personal in its presentation of that aspect of our awareness so fundamental to the practice of the Enneagram.

In this three minute audio download, Helen offers an orientation to what stands between your type and access to higher realms of knowing, a subject so fundamental to effective self-observational practice.

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