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Senior business leaders are being held accountable for managing cyber-risk in their companies.

Unfortunately, many executives do not feel comfortable with this responsibility due to their lack of technical background and their limited understanding of cyber.

Of the 348 distributor reps who completed all 6 training sessions, the following below reps were randomly selected to win the BONUS drawing of ten, 0 Amazon e-Cards: Carrie Tandy, Henry Schein; Tricia Davisson, Henry Schein; Wayne Roberts, Henry Schein; Steve Neer, Henry Schein; Tina Ferguson, Midwest Vet; Todd Johnson, Patterson; Kristine Davis, Patterson; Denise Workman, Patterson; Imee Dinsmore, Patterson; Angela Stokely, Victor Medical. Thank you to everyone who participated in our six product training courses and final make up round.

VPL, a division of Central Life Sciences, is a companion animal health business focused on veterinary products including specialties in inflammation support, surgical suite supplies and house/yard parasite control.Tech companies, Auburn University develop synthetic viral genome to aid in canine bone cancer research According to Veterinary Practice News, canine bone cancer research is getting a boost thanks to the efforts of a gene synthesis company, Gen9, a software company, Autodesk, and .The combined effects of these three groups helped successfully manufacture a synthetic viral genome, called s CAV2. D, professor in the Department of Pathobiology and director of the Auburn University Research Initiative in Cancer (AURIC), will use it in clinical trials to evaluate therapeutic treatments in dogs with Packaged Facts and highlighted by Pet Product News.Between 20 the growth rate in the number of Hispanic pet owners will be more than six times higher than that of non-Hispanic pet owners (19 percent vs. Set reorder levels and alerts Inventory management doesn’t have to be difficult.3 percent) and Latinos will account for around half (50 percent) of the growth in the number of pet owners in the U. It represents approximately 20% of revenue in the average healthy practice, and it impacts practice value dramatically, especially if it’s not managed well.

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