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The Subvention will be used to produce 80 plates which illustrate key archaeological evidence, and to redraw several large regional maps and figures., edited by Birgitta Lindros Wohl, part of the series published by the American School of Classical Studies at Athens.The Archaeological Institute of America launched the Publications Subvention Program in 2005.This program offers subventions from the AIA’s von Bothmer Publication Fund in support of new book-length publications in the field of Classical Archaeology (defined as Greek, Roman, and Etruscan archaeology and art history).Submissions made via regular mail, fax, or other means will not be accepted.There are four parts to the applications including a portion to be completed by the publisher.Please review the Guidelines and Required Information pages prior to completing the forms.

The Subvention will be used to offset general production costs, including its extensive image program and special design elements.

Grants average ,000, though smaller or larger amounts may be awarded at the discretion of the Committee.

The Committee is comprised of AIA members with scholarly expertise in the areas designated for the Grant.

, edited by Annalisa Marzano of the University of Reading and Guy Métraux of York University, published by Cambridge University Press.

The publication explores various themes regarding Roman villas, including a comparison of their role in urban and rural areas, their contributions to Roman expansion, and the geographical, chronological, and social scope of the villa.

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